Diamond Rings for Anniversary

Many couples choose to celebrate their anniversaries with special rings, even after several years of marriage. Diamond rings are the unique gift, which one can always go for, if no other gift idea come up to your mind, just make sure to choose a design that fits your mate’s personal style. Following are some ring ideas for your girlfriend, wife or fiancé. Buy an anniversary ring whenever you feel like, it’s always a good choice to go for. You can truly surprise your wife by giving her a ring on a fourth or sixth or eleventh anniversary. It will certainly be a welcoming surprise for her. Being said some guidelines can prove to be helpful, here are some suggestions to keep in mind according to year:

Golden Era

The gift of something made of gold on first year of marriage is a fitting way to celebrate it. Choose a ring or band in yellow or white gold, for a classic first anniversary gift. Rose gold is especially popular for a more distinctive look, and gives a contemporary or vintage style to the consumer.

Age of Sapphire

The traditional gemstones sapphires are the fifth year wedding anniversary gift, which are known to be historically symbolized for truth and loyalty. From regal blues to feminine pinks they are available in nearly many hues, and are able to suit many styles. A sapphire anniversary band is a classic gift that will surely bring smile on your partners face. Sapphire earrings and pendants are also elegantly time-honored presents. Sourced from Sri Lanka, Australia, and Malawi, Brilliant Earth Sapphires are truly a popular fifth anniversary gift.

Age of Diamonds

Wedding anniversary of 10 years is literally a milestone occasion, so it wouldn’t be a wrong decision to say that the traditional gemstones for the occasion are diamonds. Since they are antique gem and are priced for their exceptional hardness and brilliant sparkle, diamonds embellish of our most sought jewelry pieces. Diamond rings are both impressionable and beautiful in their own unique way, and often refresh the memory of the day when you exchanged rings years before. Diamond earrings, are also a beautiful choice. Whether they are classic studs, sophisticated and refined drops, or gorgeous hoops.

Selecting an Anniversary Ring

First, you should consider whether the anniversary ring should be similar in style to the wedding or engagement rings. The benefit of correlating rings is that you can wear them together on the same finger.Diamond studded bands or other precious gems surrounding the finger, are one unique choice, or you might select a ring displaying as many accents of diamonds as the years you’ve been married for example, a band with 10 diamond accents for your tenth anniversary.

Consider an anniversary band in a similar style, if your wedding ring already contains precious gems, but with different gem stones. If your rings contain different gemstones, then you should wear it on different fingers for a different look and if your wedding ring is a band made with white gold you could select an eternity band in yellow or rose gold as an anniversary ring, to display a beautiful collection of rings. But try to choose an anniversary ring in a completely different style than that of your wedding and engagement rings.  Since you’ve been married for a long time, there might be a chance that your choice is modified, if that is, than you might select a ring that imitate your persona of today, style-wise.

Which Finger to Wear your Anniversary Ring

There’s no hard and fast rule of which finger should you wear an anniversary ring. Some ladies wear them alongside their engagement and wedding bands, others wear the new one on the third finger of their right hand, and some choose to wear the anniversary band instead of their wedding or engagement rings. Ladies mostly trade in their wedding band to double that value toward an expensive new anniversary band, while some ladies consider removing the band they slipped on their fingers on their wedding day. Article source:

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