South Sea Pearls

Pearls are found in different colors, sizes and shapes. They have different sources too. They are found naturally and are also grown through harvesting. The ones that are grown through harvesting or a special growing method are called cultured pearls.

South Sea pearls are popular cultured pearls. White South Sea pearls are harvested in majority in Australia long the northwest coast. The ones in gold color are harvested in Indonesia and Philippines. In fact, these two countries have become leaders in producing the best quality South Sea pearls in the world.


floating pearl


Characteristics of the pearl

 South Sea pearls are characterized by its large size. It is found in colors like white, gold, blue, aqua, silver and honey gold. Designers and collectors take pride in its collection. The sheen of such pearls is luxurious and soft whether in color gold or white. They are rarely found in spherical shape and are usually not of the same size or shape. It is very rare to find a necklace with matched pearls. Majority of the pearls found are very large in size. You could browse through the website and gain more valuable information on South Sea Pearls.

  • Are usually found in size ranging from 8mm to 20 mm. An average size is 12 mm. A few also found in size more than 20 mm which is rare.
  • Have unique shape, only 10 to 30 percent found in round shape or near round in each harvest.
  • Have a unique luster quality
  • Silver lipped oysters produce pearls in aqua, blue, white and silver color
  • Gold lipped oysters’ produces champagne, deep gold and cream colored pearls.
  • Since it is rich in color and shine, it is simply washed and buffed after harvesting.


How valuable are they?

  • Unique size and scarcity makes them command the highest value among all pearl types.
  • Jewelry made out of such pearls can cost up to $10000 to $300000 and sometimes even more.
  • Prices usually depend upon its size, shape and quality.


Comparison with other pearls

  • Larger than other pearls
  • Shinier than other pearls
  • Reflects softness as it has large aragonite platelets
  • Have thickest nacre when compared to other cultured pearls
  • Are costlier than most cultured pearls
  • Takes about 2-4 years for creating this pearls while others take about a year
  • South Sea culturing areas are limited as the South Sea oysters are susceptible to disease
  • Expansion of pearl farming of South Sea pearls is not possible oyster do not survive beyond natural environment.

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